Neither one of us were beyond grinding out long nights for clients. But the problem was, clients were few and far between. What was worse, we couldn't figure out why. The need was there. The solution was there. So why weren't churches getting it?

Admittedly, we set ourselves up to fail. We were trying to communicate to both businesses and churches, which resulted in neither one being able to fully understand us. We built our services on a retainer structure that was not only complicated, but also required a big step for a church to commit. Our heart was to help the "every church" church, but the only churches that understood the value of our model were large churches.

It was at this time that Matt had health issues that prevented him from giving his full focus to My Square Creative. With Chris being the lone man at the helm, it became impossible for him to keep up with the demands of our company.

Both of us frustrated by the snails pace growth along with Matt being unable to fully commit his attention to My Square Creative, we decided to take a three month hiatus to evaluate not only the company, but each of our involvement moving forward.

At the end of this time, we each decided to fast and ask God for... something, because we were lost. At the end of the our time we were both separately given the same message: "Keep going. Keep going. Keep going." After receiving such a specific word from God, we'd be fools to not listen. What was known is that we couldn't keep doing things the same way. Something had to change.