We were both focused on going home after spending a few days away from our families. The first year of the iMinistry Conference was amazing! But now, tired and ready to hug our wives, we both sat there waiting for our flight.

DFW is a large airport with equally large terminals and gate areas. Of all the seats in all the airports for all the flights to all the cities, we were only three seats away from each other. He initiated the conversation. "Hey, weren't you at..." And from there we began sharing our thoughts from the conference. The things that we learned and encouraged as well as those things that challenged us.

Turns out, we both lived in Colorado Springs. We found it funny that we didn't interact at the conference because of it's intimate size. Instead, living in the same city, we had to go to a random first-year conference in Dallas to meet each other in an airport while waiting for our flights.

This encounter began regular meet ups at coffee shops to talk life, ideas and dreams. Out of the conversations came this idea to provide creative staff to churches who normally couldn't afford it. The model, structure and details for MSC were doodled on a napkin in a Starbucks. We wondered why no one else was doing this and decided we should be the ones.