Our original structure was beyond salvaging. We had to C4 that mess and level it to a smoldering heap of rubble so that the Phoenix could rise from the ashes!

Ok, that's a little more dramatic than what happened, but we really did start from scratch. Nothing was off limits in our desire to make this what we had hoped for, not only for ourselves, but for the ministries we intended to serve. We took time to learn from our clients and those that never became clients to get insight and feedback directly from them.

Here are the big changes:
1. We introduced a Pay Per Project model. This made it so much easier for a church to understand what they are getting and what it costs. It's also when we launch the focused branch of MSC called Creative Church Staffing. It allowed a single channel to speak directly to the needs of churches.

2. We simplified our content. We decided it would be best to focus our needs meeting to three specific scenarios: Need creative staff but can't afford to hire; Transitioning between creative staff; Increasing capacity of existing creative staff. We set ourselves up to not be an option, but the solution for churches who find themselves in one of those scenarios.

And a crazy thing happened. We didn't gain any new church clients. Instead, within a matter of three months, we were sought out by many creatives wanting to work with us which grew us from a team of three guys to 15! We were now ready to handle every creative need the church could have from video, to print and web.